Basic 500 Essay writing tips

What Is A 500 Word Essay?

Some students and professionals find writing their assignments quite challenging. They often spend a lot of time to develop their paper. They find it hard to research the topic and write on it. Sometimes the topic is given to you by your instructor. After you have been given the guidelines, you are supposed to proofread your paper to check if the information is accurate. If not, you will have to go back to the teacher and correct the information.

Most students strain when writing their essays, and most have found themselves getting stuck on the word count. The word count is often too short for a 500-word essay. Therefore, a student is left with only 500 words to use in a paper. In some cases, you are even not used to the word count. This is because you may have been given the guidelines that require a certain number of words. 500-word essays are common in college.

Essays are written in such a way that they are easy to read. They also have a format that is easy to follow. You can therefore write your essay without having to memorize the structure. The structure in a 500-word essay follows the same structure as most essays. The introduction consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. The body includes a few paragraphs that give information on each section. The conclusion is a summary of all the main points that you have covered in your paper. Here are other notable points that you should consider when writing your 500-word essay.

  • A good introduction

The introduction is the first part of your paper. It helps you to hook the reader to your work. Therefore, you must ensure that you start with a catchy statement. The statement should be short, but interesting. The main idea should be covered, and the paragraph should not go beyond four lines.

  • Supporting facts

The body of your essay should contain the information that supports your thesis. Your thesis statement should also be relevant to the topic. This helps you to explain your points, and the reader should understand easily. Mostly, only relevant facts are included in the body. Everything should also be reported accurately.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is a summary of your paper. Mostly, you don’t need to include new findings in your 500-word essay. The conclusion is a summary of your main points, and the conclusion allows you to write your final thoughts. For example, you can write, “a 500-word essay and conclusion”

  • Final remarks

The above-stated format is not specific for any essay. The instructions will be specific to your instructor. You should ask for help from your instructor in case you are stuck. After you are done, you should proofread your paper to check for errors.